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What Kind of Photographer Are You? 

 I’m drawn to RAW Organic emotion to paint a mood of rhythmic, nostalgic and ethereal in my art. I enjoy my clients in natural environments so that our time together can just flow organically. The human spirit, needs to be documented in its true essence. With this design I want to awaken my clients self discovery when they view themselves through my lens. Resulting in evocative imagery, that will last a lifetime.      

What time of day day should we shoot and where?

The most popular times are 3 hours before the sun goes down.  This can start as early as 2 pm on a winter day or as late as 6pm on a summer evening. If we're shooting in your home than timing can be more flexible. I am also beginning to LOVE sunrise, but this can start as early as 6am on a winter morning or 5:30 am in the summer, so it's not as popular of a time, but GORGEOUS!

I am an on location photographer. Prior to our session I like to get to know you and choose a location that truly means something to you. 

How long is our session?

Typical on-location sessions usually last between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the season, type of session, the location, total wardrobe changes, props and various other factors. I don’t put a 'fixed' time frame on sessions, rather I shoot until the vision is complete.

What is included with my session?

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I want to make sure you will get something tangible that you can hold, feel and experience the emotion of that day all over again. 

What is your philosophy on digital negatives?

   I firmly believe that it’s important to have your session images archived and preserved digitally. Digital negatives are in high demand and we all want to share them with friends and family via email and social networking sites, as well as preserve them for longevity.  In my opinion, we are long past the times of purchasing just an 8×10 print here and a 5×7 print there. I know the more time pasts the more value photographs gain.  Digital archiving and preservation has really become so simple and affordable.  I walk all of my clients through the best ways to archive, print and share digital files.  For these reasons, I offer high-resolution digital negatives for immediate download with all my packages. This allows you to print unlimited copies and enlarge. (Please note that if you print outside our partner lab we are no longer liable for the print quality.)

 How long do we have to order once our fine art portrait gallery is live?

Online galleries are kept live for 14 calendar days during the ordering week.  During this time we can meet at a cafe, coffee-house, or your home to discuss the best products/Collections for your family.  Please be prepared to place your order during the 14 day ordering week.

Also, during this time you have 14 calendar days to finish downloading your digital files. 

Do you take payments?  I am able to finance up to $1,000 or more, which allows payments. For information please contact me.  

What form of payments do you accept? I accept all major credit/debit cards, as well as, personal checks and US currency. *If you pay by personal check you will not be able to download any files until the check clears.

Do you shoot weddings?

Yes, I do shoot weddings. I limit weddings to 12 a year because I want to make sure all wedding clients get the very best of my time and quality.

Are you contacting me about Shooting for Autism or want to know what it is? It is a non-profit service I offer to families that have children or a parent with a disability, traumatic injury, long term illness, terminal illnesses and other life altering experiences. I believe in giving back to our community and people in need. This provides a free session to families, they receive digital negatives and an 11x16 print. If you or someone you know qualifies for Shooting For Autism please contact me and tell me your story.