{A Letter to Our Littles}Entry 2:Life on the Orchard

Hello Beautifuls

A few months ago we were blessed to be apart of an amazing community on an hobby Organic Orchard. We lived in our trailer, on 7 acres of land with other families. I cannot explain how happy all of you were to be living on a"farm". There were chickens ( which was your favorite pass time), a plethora fresh fruit off of the orchards ( oranges, apricots, lemons, peaches just to name a few), acres of fenced land to roam free, kids beyond kids to play with and simply put an amazing community that loved us. This is where we were taught what the true definition of "family" was, blood or not. 

I think this part of my life is my most treasured, this is where I found my true dream, how to spend actual quality time, I figured out how I wanted to raise you, what kind of mom I truly wanted to be and what type of person I was, am and will be. This is where I learned less is more, simplicity is where it always was.  

Life on the Orchard was peaceful, every week day morning we would get up and ready around 5:30am for school, make our smoothies, we would go to the bus stop. Afterwards, I would try my hardest every morning to do Yoga with my dearest friend I was able to love and get to know while there, then we would start to help with the land. Little A would play with his friends, check on the chickens or beg to pick apricots, until you guys got home from school. From there we would do your school work, let you play with your friends, then afterwards, well this is what made us a true community, we would have our community dinners. This is where we began to explore with Vegan eating, more of a stricter gluten free diet. It was divine. 

I learned how to wash clothes by hand, and that I love to line dry my clothes. I was taught Joyful Parenting and the true definition. I figured out I was way to hooked on electronics my phone and computer the most. I taught myself how to limit those things in my life and replace it with quality family time playing board games, putting together puzzles, reading a lot more, drawing, coloring and just talking until we had nothing left to say.  

I figured out that my dream was to just see you happy, laughing, smiling and being yourself. That we were meant to live simply and to travel. That we will live in a cottage with a waterfront, lots of land to garden, build a community and we will travel as well. I found out that I want to home school with you guys, that I know I have more to offer than you being away for hours and hours a day only to see you exhausted. I vowed that I will live for your happiness. And I was given the tools to do so.  

So,  my free spirited littles, please always remember Life on the Orchard, and the people that we were blessed wit, to enter our lives. I love you so very much!

Until next time my loves. 

 ~Mom (Neka Rae)

PS Zed I chose to share your photos on the orchard because the land seemed to have spoken to you. I have never see you so at peace. I love you my sweet boy. 

Photos are edited with: Red Leaf Boutique Film Emulsion Presets and VSCO 02 Presets

Visit the gallery to view the rest of the photos: http://nekaraephotography.pixieset.com/lifeontheorchard/

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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
— Albert Einstein
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{Juicing Fun} Blueberry Juice

Hello everyone! I am back up and live again, we did a huge move and I didn't have internet for almost 3 weeks! That's right 3 weeks! I made it and I am refreshed, it was almost like a detox from the internet. So, what do I have to share with you today? Well, I am excited to say that I have been exploring juicing, and came across this very yummy mix. If you like blueberries than you are in luck!!

Ingredients: (1 serving)

1 cup fresh blueberries

1 medium size cucumber

1 apple (I suggest red, fugi or gala)

1/2 lemon peeled

I added whole blueberries in mine, just for a fun treat.

Now, go out there and have fun juicing. Experiment, make it yours and get healthy!


Balsamic Vinaigrette Strawberry Spinach Salad

The past year I have made a vow to myself and family to a healthier lifestyle. It's been fun, creative and sometimes plain difficult. We have our times where we cheat but all in all we stick to our healthier foods. This salad is one of my all time favorites and extremely simple and easy to make. What's in it you ask? Well this is it:

Fresh Spinach

Fresh Cut Strawberries

Crumbled Goat Cheese

Trader Joes Balsamic Vinaigrette

Try adding: almonds, walnuts or even sunflower seeds


iPhoneography Number Two

As I write this blog I sit here in amazement how blessed I am, you know that epiphany you have on your life. It gets so easy for us in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives to forget the simple most amazing blessings we actually have. The month of November was the most eye opener(epiphany) I have ever experienced! So let me explain more; we drove up to Oregon on November 18th to visit my family, we decided to take the hwy 1 and 101 up, did I mention we did all this in our '72 VW Bus? Did we know exactly what we were getting ourselves into? No, not exactly just that we needed this. So, off we went. We also decided that we would camp in our bus and not allow ourselves to "fast food" so we bought a propane portable stove burner, and brought our pots and pans. What an experience that EVERYONE should experience! What we thought would be more of a 2 day trip turned into a 3 and half day trip and I wouldn't have it any other way!! I saw ocean water that was as blue as blue can be, many different shades and only I thought was possible in dreams. I ate healthier than I have ever ate on a road trip minus the Starbucks haha, sorry I just couldn't turn it down. I was colder than ever, cuddled with my family more than I could imagine, discovered leaks in our bus that well needed to be discovered. Discovered Mavericks, a quaint small and divine small town called Sebastopol, ate at an organic home-made Ice Cream parlor called 'Screamin Mimis', fell in love, and fell in love some more. Found out more about myself, found myself, found out who my kids are individually, how much I love my family and realized how much I LOVE North California, and if I could I would probably move there. I laughed, cried, prayed and LIVED! I documented and documented some more. I want to share with you some photos and I may just make another collage because these 9 pictures just don't do our journey justice. So, what is my advice to taking photos with your iPhone, well this is just not for your iPhoneography but PHOTOGRAPHY in a whole. When documenting anything, whether it be landscape, personal or professional, make sure you do it with your heart! This is probably the most important advice I can give you, me and anyone in between. Number two: Photograph with your HEART!


iPhoneography (Number One)

I thank God everyday for my iPhone, if it wasn't for it I would have been capturing my children's everyday life. I get asked all the time what I use to edit. So I will be going over once a month my favorite apps and other ways to capture your family on the go and with an artistic flavor! Number 1- My favorite go to App to always edit with is VSCO.

I am a bit obsessed with it but I just can't help it, the editing is just gorgeous!!!

Below is my favorite month of October photos.